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Wolverine Glimpses into "Enriching Lives and Building Futures."

Photos taken courtesy of our Photojournalism course.


Switchboard Line: (540) 658-6150 | Main Office Fax:  (540) 658-6158 | 839 Garrisonville Road, Stafford, VA 22554
Main Office Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-4:00 PM
Counseling Center Hours:  Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-4:00 PM
Counseling Center Fax:  (540) 658-6166 (Use for only Counseling Center and Registration Matters)


Important News and Information


North Stafford High School Announcements
Greenhouse Poinsettia Plant Sale!
The North Stafford High School Greenhouse class is having their annual poinsettia plant sale!  They will be selling red, white, marbled, and peppermint poinsettias for $6.00 per plant.  They will also be selling color dyed poinsettias in blue, fuchsia, yellow, orange, or multiple combinations of color upon request.  These dyed plants will cost $9.00 per plant.

Cash, check, or money order will be accepted.
There will be a plant sale open to the public on Saturday, December 6, 2014 from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM at the North Stafford High School Greenhouse.

Make your preorder today by sending an e-mail to rossism@nswolverines.org.  

For any questions or concerns, please contact Steve Rossi at (540) 300-2997. 

Follow the NSHS Greenhouse @NSHSGreenhouse.  
Mid-Term Exam Information (Fall 2014)
Mid-Term Exams will take place on Friday, October 31, 2014 (1st and 3rd Block Exams) and Monday, November 3, 2014 (2nd and 4th Block Exams).

Learn more here.
Synergy StudentVUE and ParentVUE Activation Key Distribution
The online access for both students and parents/guardians to view grades, attendance, and other school information either online or through the phone app is called StudentVUE and ParentVUE, respectively.  It is also known more commonly as Synergy.

All StudentVUE and ParentVUE accounts that were accessed last year by a student and/or parent/guardian activating their account still have an account and can login to Synergy.  For those students and parent/guardians who do not have an account or never used last year's activation key, activation keys for the student and the student's parents/guardians were distributed to students on Friday, September 19 in Homeroom.

Those students and parents/guardians who received an activation key on Friday, September 19 that has already expired have three options:  (1) Your account works because you have been using your account and no action is necessary; OR (2) You have used your account in the past and need to attempt to remember what your username and password is (if you have just forgotten your password, you have the option of resetting your own password using the "Forgot Your Password" feature); OR (3) You need to have a new activation created for you.  To do this, please contact the Counseling Center or the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher, Benjamin Leitner at leitnerbm@staffordschools.net with the following information:
  1. The name of your child (first and last)
  2. The student's ID number
  3. The student's date of birth
  4. A good contact phone number in case a call to you needs to be made
If you need access to StudentVUE or ParentVUE and never received an activation key, please follow the steps above and contact the Counseling Center or the Instructional Technology Resource Teacher.
To access StudentVUE or ParentVUE, click here.
Voluntary Education Center (VEC) Education Fair
You are invited to the VEC Education Fair on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 from 11:00 AM-2:00 PM at the Clubs at Quantico and Crossroads Events Center.  The Center is located at 3017 Russell Road, Quantico, VA.

There will be college and university representation where students can meet with different colleges/universities.

This event is free and open to the public.

For more information call (703) 784-3340.

Affordable Home Broadband Internet Access Programs
Stafford County Public Schools is proud to team up with Comcast and Cox with these companies offering affordable Home Broadband Internet Access Programs for qualifying families.

Comcast Internet Essentials provides qualifying students and their families with affordable broadband Internet, a laptop computer, and digital literacy training.

Cox Connect2Compete provides affordable broadband Internet service to qualifying households in the service area for two year.
Our Students Now Have Google Accounts for School Use
Our high school is proud to be a Google Apps for Education (GAFE) school.  Our high school wants to continue to challenge our students and bring life skills into the classroom each and everyday to make learning relevant and exciting.

All of our students now have Google accounts that have been created for them for school use only.  With Google, students have access to the following features:
  • Calendar:  Organize your schedule and share events
  • Contacts:  Manage your contacts
  • Drive:  With Google Drive, you can create, share, and keep all your stuff in one place.  Share files with others, and edit them in real time (up to 30 GB of storage)
  • Gmail:  Get a fresh start with email that has less spam
  • Sites:  Create, share, and publish websites
Students and Staffulty alike can now login to Google through our website.  Our website now has a link on the left-hand side of the page named, "Google Account Access."  Students and Staffulty can also point their Web browser to http://www.google.com/a/nswolverines.org.
A student's username is their full last name (without any hyphens), their full first name, and their middle initial (if they have one) with @nswolverines.org added to the end of their username.  Their username is in all lowercase.

A student's password for Google is initially their student ID number (students can retrieve their studnet ID number from any official school document or see a Staffulty member for assistance in obtaining it).  Students will be asked to change their password immediately upon accessing their account.

All Student Google accounts will be deleted at the end of each school year and then recreated at the beginning of each school year.  Students can use a flash drive at the end of the year to move any files from Google Drive to save for future reference.

If you wish to have your student's Google account suspended or certain features deactivated, please complete the Student Google Account Opt-Out or Limited Account Features Form.

Advanced Placement (AP) Test Fee Increase
College Board has announced a price increase for Advanced Placement (AP) tests to $91.00.  This is an increase of $2.00.  The letter that our Counseling Center sent home in regards to DE and AP fees was printed and sent out before the price increase was announced.

Ms. Houston, the Counseling Administrative Assistant will receipt the difference ($1.00 for English, Science, and Math increase from $44.50 to $45.50 or $2.00 for other subject areas increase from $89.00 to $91.00) when students who have already paid stop by the Counseling Center.

The Counseling Center is open Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM-4:00 PM.
After-School Activity Bus
School BusThere is available transportation for students staying after school, available through Stafford County Public Schools Transportation.  The Activity Bus departs our school at 5:00 PM, Monday-Thursday.  Students planning to board the bus must be involved in an after-school activity or school sport.  Students must meet in Room 451 by 4:50 PM prior to boarding.

There are two buses available to board depending on the desired drop-off point.  One bus will drop-off at Park Ridge Elementary School and Hampton Oaks Elementary School, while the other bus will drop-off at Kate Waller Barrett Elementary School and Anne E. Moncure Elementary School.  Additional stops may be requested by calling (540) 373-6095, School Transportation.  For more information about this program, please contact Helene Hall, Administrative Assistant for the Athletics Director at (540) 658-6150.

MyLunchMoney.com | A New Way to Pay for Lunch
There is a brand new way to pay for our school lunches (and even breakfast!) with your student's account!  It's called MyLunchMoney.com--an online interface that allows the parent/guardian to manage lunch funds online with a debit card or credit card.

Gone are the days of just sending in a cash or check with your student to school to fund their cafeteria account.  Although these options are still available, MyLunchMoney.com allows the parent/guardian a new payment option, debit or credit card payment.

Access MyLunchMoney.com to manage your student's cafeteria account.

If you are registering as a first-time user, one of the items that you will need is your student's identification number.  This number is located on your student's report card.  If you do not have your student's report card (or they have not been distributed for this school year yet), you may contact our main office for assistance with the number.  For security reasons, the operator will ask you to confirm vital information that only a student's parent/guardian would know.

The student identification number is unique to each of our students.  This number is valid for all years of education that the student is enrolled in Stafford County Public Schools.

District Announcements
Communicable Diseases Update: Ebola Virus

As a school division we are aware that there are questions about the Ebola virus and concerns about the safety of our students and staff. We receive communications on a regular basis from the Virginia Department of Education to keep us informed of current updates and responses. Our staff and nurse manager have frequent communications and procedures are in place as advised by the health director for the Rappahannock Regional Department of Health. Our health services staff follows all local policies and medical procedures and as necessary, adjusts current practices when advised and directed by the Rappahannock Regional Department of Health.  Read more…
Band Together to Fight Hunger Showcase of Marching Band Talent

The annual Band Together to Fight Hunger Showcase of Marching Band Talent will be held on Monday, November 3, 2014, at Mountain View High School.  Gates Open at 5:30 p.m. with performances beginning at 7 p.m.  The event is held to benefit the Fredericksburg Area Food Bank and donations of non-perishable food or cash donations will be accepted.  Rain date is Monday, November 10.  For more information on the event, please contact Karen Bingham at bandtogetherstafford@gmail.com.

Apply for Free & Reduced Meal Benefits

Stafford County Public Schools is pleased to announce the availability of applying for Free and Reduced Price Meals online!  The process is SAFE, SECURE, PRIVATE, and AVAILABLE anytime, anywhere!  Click here to apply.  For more information on our school lunch program, please click here.
Student Accommodation Report 2014 - 2015

The Student Accommodation Report (SAR) provides an annual comprehensive look at the school facility use to include review of building capacity, student membership, and attendance boundaries. Click here to view the report.

Calendar of Events

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CV - Virginia Tech
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CV - Paul Mitchell School
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Enriching Lives and Building Futures 
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North Stafford High School will graduate lifelong learners who will make valuable contributions to the global community.

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North Nation

Academic and Athletic excellence with
Teamwork developed in an
Innovative learning environment with limitless
Opportunities in an atmosphere of
No excuses
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North Stafford High School's report card is unique to the school and is evaluated through the Virginia Department of Education.

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